The "Scope"

AC-DC Consultronic does on demand or for specialised requirements, supplement its services by utilising associates or associate companies, where the expertise and or resources capacity exceed those available "In House".

Associates can be called upon to provide additional services in areas such as:

  • Industrial Automation Consultation
  • Consultation in Occupation Health & Safety
  • Cost Reduction
  • System and Productivity Analyses
  • Layout and Design Studies
  • Communications, Computers, SCADA Systems
  • ISO 9000: 1994; 2000 and QS 9000 Certifications and Training
  • Electrical Installations (Industrial)
  • JIT, S.P.C., CAD/CAM, Logistics, Material Handling
  • Switchboard manufacturing
  • PLC Programming
  • Desktop Publishing for presentations

Remuneration for services rendered can be negotiated and structured as flexible as required, on an hourly, daily, weekly or fixed basis.


Additionally, expenses are charged at cost plus 10% while lump sum (Fixed) price services are subject to prior estimation and negotiation. (Excluding GST, where applicable.

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